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Not only can UK Air Comms provide our telecommunication clients with Climb Down Surveys, we can also offer an all-in-one package to manage their masts and towers. Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and thermal imaging can be utilised to create a 3D interactive, comprehensive project that can be accessed by a team of professionals, remotely.

We will soon be launching a new all-in-one platform in partnership with Digital Asset Solutions to offer a comprehensive service to clients in the telecoms, utilities and construction industries.

Digital Twins

UK Air Comms provide 3D Digital Twins to help companies in various industries inspect their assets remotely. Our state of the art equipment and software solutions help us to deliver an innovative visualization to our clients. The final product seamlessly links geospatial, IoT and third-party data to deliver an intuitive and compelling user experience.

Line of Sight Testing

Primarily used for the telecommunications industry. The use of drones in our Line of Sight survey service makes for an economical and accurate way to test the line of sight of telecoms masts. We have tested the line of sights for both permanent and temporary telecommunications masts at locations throughout the UK.

Climb Down Surveys

UK AirComms carries out Climb Down Surveys for the Telecoms Industry. A climb down survey refers to a site inspection that is conducted before dismantling, removing or upgrading telecommunications equipment from a tower or rooftop.

Antenna Scheduling

We understand the importance of acquiring accurate and detailed records for Operators Assets. Using technology and our unique software solutions we can now offer an unrivalled service that extends from the traditional methods used in the past to increase data captured and to improve accuracy.

Planning Application Drawings

Using a combination of UAVs and ground based surveying, we can produce detailed and highly accurate drawings, with fast turnaround times, for new mast sites and expansions of existing mast sites – perfect for 5G mast planning. We also provide this service to construction development companies throughout the UK.

Health & Safety Reports

Drones can provide close-up surveillance of even the highest and most inaccessible structures, allowing construction businesses to ensure that all work is completed in accordance with the strictest health and safety rules. Aerial photography also helps improve the quality of health and safety documentation.

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