Having already completed several hundred Line of Sight surveys UK AirComms has demonstrated the ability to deliver short term and roll out projects across the UK that meets the highest standards of the Telecom market.

Understanding the process and building of Network links is key to being able to provide an unrivalled service.

Partnering the worlds leading Asset management software companies we can combine the data collection to delivering a full interactive, comprehensive and fully automated asset management tool that is at the forefront of technology

Line of Sight Surveys

Line of Sight (LoS) Surveys

An obstruction, something as  simple as a tree, can cause issues, so proof of Line-of-Sight (LoS) with an accompanying report is crucial. By utilising high powered LED lighting on RTK UAVs and sophisticated zoom cameras, towers no longer need to be climbed by personnel removing risk of injury.

Panoramic Surveys

Panoramic or “pano” surveys are for proving the site is acceptable for a new tower site or temp site, we obtain images that are stitched to form a full 0 to 360 degree image at specified heights for the client. We also offer a fully interactive spherical pans report that can be viewed on a desktop or tablet.

Full Tower Inspection

Full Tower Inspections

We can quickly inspect mast assets and structures from top to bottom, including ancillary support facilities and cabling. A full report of defects is provided on completion.

Safe To Climb Certification

Annual Safe to Climb Certification

UK AirComms can use UAVs to visually inspect ladders, anchor points and climbing apparatus to help re-certify annual safe-to-climb requirements

3D Interactive Modelling

We can produce 3D interactive models,  allowing you to measure any brace, cable route, compound, head frame or other mast components, reducing time spent searching for hardware drawings and measurements, which may be outdated.

Pylon Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging

We have partnered with iRed, the UK’s leading thermal imaging consultancy, to provide comprehensive thermographic inspections of masts and pylons, to locate poor connections, overheating components and thermal bridging.

Automated Asset Management

Automated Asset Management

Using drones, we can swiftly complete asset registers of all mast-mounted equipment – including asset numbers, makes and models. This results in faster hand-overs of client sites, complete with full asset report.

Antenna Scheduling

We understand the importance of acquiring accurate and detailed records for Operators Assets. Using technology and our unique software solutions we can now offer an unrivalled service that extends from the traditional methods used in the past to increase data captured and to improve accuracy.

Planning Application Services

Planning Application Drawings

Using a combination of UAVs and ground based surveying, we can produce detailed and highly accurate drawings, with fast turnaround times, for new mast sites and expansions of existing mast sites – perfect for 5G mast planning.

We provide a wide range of telecom and aerial services, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the form below to get in touch.

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