Climb Down Surveys

How UK Air Comms carries out Climb Down Surveys for the Telecoms Industry.

Climb Down Surveys of Telecom Masts

In the telecommunications industry, a climb down survey refers to a site inspection that is conducted before dismantling, removing or upgrading telecoms equipment from a tower or rooftop. It is a critical safety check that is carried out to ensure that the tower or rooftop is safe for technicians to work on and that the headframes and other structural supports are adequate to support proposed upgrades to the tower.

What is a Climb Down Survey?

We carry out climb down surveys on telecoms towers to provide a full and detailed assessment of the structure, including measurements to enable our Structural engineering partners to undertake a GDC or Structural analysis. Our pilots/climbers have been trained with a variety of structural engineers on site to ensure a complete capture every time. Using the latest innovative techniques we are able to provide best-in-class results in the most efficient way.

We can provide a Comprehensive Telecoms Surveying Package

Not only can UK Air Comms provide our telecommunication clients with Climb Down Surveys, we can also offer an all-in-one package to manage their masts and towers. Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and thermal imaging can be utilised to create a 3D interactive, comprehensive project that can be accessed by a team of professionals, remotely.

We will soon be launching a new all-in-one platform in partnership with Digital Asset Solutions to offer a comprehensive service to clients in the telecoms, utilities and construction industries.

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Photo of our pilots carrying out a climb down survey on a telecoms tower
Our Climb Down Technicians in Action!

Frequently Asked Questions about Line of Sight Surveys

Climb down surveys are necessary to ensure that telecom equipment is safely and securely removed from towers or rooftops, and to identify any potential hazards or risks that could pose a danger to workers.

Climb down surveys are typically conducted by experienced technicians who have received specialised training in telecom equipment surveying and tower climbing safety.

During a climb down survey, technicians will typically measure structural elements of the telecoms tower. This report ispassed on to design teams who check the structural integrity of the tower or rooftop, assess the condition of the equipment being removed, and identify any hazards or potential risks that could pose a danger to workers. They will also verify that all equipment has been removed in accordance with the relevant regulations and industry standards.

Climb down surveys are typically conducted before telecom equipment is dismantled, removed or upgraded on a tower or rooftop.

Conducting a climb down survey can help to ensure that data provided to tower design teams is as accurate as possible. Although our digital twins can be accurate to mm precision, carrying out climb down surveys gives telecoms tower designers peace of mind that all the data they are provided with is as accurate as possible.

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