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Welcome to our new online home!

Welcome to our new online home!

We’re expanding – Together with our new head office in Millhouse Green, Sheffield, comes a new online home. We’ve updated the services we offer and how you can contact us.


Over the past 5 years, our company has grown from strength to strength. We now employ a team of highly-trained, fully qualified and insured UAV pilots based all over the UK. This enables us to carry out aerial photography and surveys all over the country. Read more.

Digital Twins

Find out how UK Air Comms creates Digital Twins (Interactive, 3D virtual replicas of assets) using Drone Technology. Read more.

Line of Sight Surveys

We carry out Line of Sight Surveys for telecommunication companies throughout the UK. Line of Sight surveys are useful when planning locations of new telecoms antennas and towers. They’re also carried out periodically on existing infrastructure to ensure the maximum efficiency for antenna broadcasts, maximising mobile signal strength for customers. Read more.

Antenna Scheduling

The combination of aerial imagery and virtual 3D assets makes it easy to plan upgrades to existing infrastructure. This can include the upgrade to 5G antennas and microwave dishes. Read more.

Aerial Photography

Our highly-trained team of drone operators are extremely adaptable. Not only can we deliver aerial imagery for technical purposes, but we also have the equipment and expertise to deliver high-quality aerial imagery and videography throughout the UK. Read more.

Health and Safety

Using drone technology alongside Digital Twin solutions is a cost-efficient and time saving solution to monitoring Health & Safety in certain industries. Read more.

Planning Application Drawings

Our Aerial Photography services and our Line of Sight Surveys combine to offer a great solution for creating planning applications. Read more.

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We’re able to adapt our existing services in order to fulfil bespoke requisites for our clients.

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